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I deeply appreciate all feedback! To avoid spam-bots, I've had to take down my email address; more recent vids are linked to the lj posts announcing them, and feel free to leave comments there (or anywhere else in my lj) for older vids -- it all gets emailed to me.

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new, 8/9/2010
Song: Watershed by Vienna Teng
Source: Merlin BBC
MP4 (34 MB)
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Beautiful Dirty Rich, made with Merry
new, 8/18/2009
Song: Beautiful Dirty Rich by Lady Gaga
Source: Adam Lambert
MP4 (50 MB), ipod MP4 (20 MB)
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Posted 8/20/2008
Song: Mandara by Vas
Source: Dune (1984 David Lynch movie
Note: Some players don't recognize the aspect ratio setting on xvid files. If you get squished video, try using VLC!
XviD (50 MB)
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Black Black Heart, made with Melymbrosia
Posted 8/20/2008
Song: Black Black Heart by David Usher
Source: The Revenger's Tragedy
XviD (44 MB)
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The Adversary
Posted 8/13/2007.
Song: The Adversary by Crime and the City Solution
Source: Twin Peaks
XviD (28 MB)
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Solsbury Hill
Remaster posted: 8/13/2007
Original premiered at Vividcon 2002. Only cleanup and one minor clip change.
Song: Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel
Source: Stargate SG-1
remastered XviD (23 MB), old XviD (28 MB)
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Pon de Replay
Posted: 4/1/2007
Song: Pon de Replay by Rihanna
Source: Entourage
XviD (23 MB)
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Posted: 8/14/2006
Song: Bukowski by Modest Mouse
Source: House M.D.
XviD (26 MB)
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Bohemian Like You
Posted: 2/9/2006
Song: Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols
Source: Stargate: Atlantis
XviD (20 MB)
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Rumble, with Speranza
Posted: 12/12/2005
Song: Mystery medley
Note: For the SHARK!!!1!1! Challenge.
Source: Stargate: Atlantis
DivX (21 MB)
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A Day In The Life, with Speranza
Posted: 8/23/2005
Song: A Day In The Life by the Beatles
Source: Dead Zone
DivX (32 MB)
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Would You?
Posted: 8/23/2005
Song: Would You? by Touch and Go
Source: Ocean's 11
DivX (17 MB)
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kid fears
Posted: 8/23/2005
Song: kid fears by the Indigo Girls
Source: Star Wars
This was my very first vid, originally premiered at Escapade 2001. It has been remastered from widescreen DVD source. It was significantly revised in the process, so I include the original for comparison's sake.
remastered version, DivX (29 MB)
original version, DivX (23 MB)
My old notes on the original version (contain spoilers)
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Posted: 2/6/2005
Song: Zebra by John Butler Trio.
Vid created for aerye, song suggested by Mia.
Source: Due South.
DivX (19 MB)
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Jig of Life
Posted: 8/18/2004
Song: Jig of Life by Kate Bush.
Source: Witchblade.
DivX (20 MB)
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The Mountain, with Melina
Posted: 8/18/2004
Song: The Mountain by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer.
Source: Lord of the Rings.
DivX (30 MB), Xvid (27 MB)
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Drop Dead Gorgeous
Posted: 8/18/2004
Song: Drop Dead Gorgeous by Republica
Source: Smallville
DivX (32 MB)
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Song: Duende by the Gipsy Kings
Source: Master and Commander
DivX (18 MB, best quality), Windows Media (11 MB)

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