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Title: Missing Scene for "Territoriality"
Author: Rafaela Sabatini

Summary: This missing scene takes place just after Blair and Jim leave Simon's place and before they get to the loft and hop into bed together. :) It was NOT written by me, but by Rafaela Sabatini, who gave me permission to post it. Enjoy! -- the lady of shalott


The truck doors slammed shut, leaving a tense silence between them. Jim couldn't believe that Blair had just said 'yes', especially right there in front of Simon, but-- did Blair really understand what he meant?

He snuck a look at his partner in the dark cab. Blair was looking back, still shining with happiness, even though the smile was a little more restrained.



They laughed as they both started talking as one.

As ever when it came to talking, Blair was first. "You did mean what I think, right?" And there, in the middle of the Cascade police parking lot, Blair put his hand out, and grabbed Jim's.


Blair sighed, still smiling. "You're going to make me say it, aren't you?" He tugged on Jim's hand, pulling it into his own lap. "Our bond isn't luck; it isn't just friendship; it's as real as your senses."

"Blair." It was as if Jim was afraid to have it finally, irrevocably stated.

"Shhhh." Blair reached over and put a finger to Jim's lips. "I've got to say it, big guy. We're going to be everything to each other, right?" We're going to support each other, and stay together, and have sex with each other--"

Jim shied away from his finger, and Blair moved his hand to cup Jim's cheek.

"No, you can't be shy about this." Somehow Blair knew he was totally in the driver's seat this time; that Jim was afraid that 'the Sentinel thing' was pushing this on Blair. Words never really worked on Jim anyway. He started to lean forward, to do what he couldn't say, when Jim interrupted.

"We've got to fuck, you know."

Jim was looking everywhere but at him, now, but the words had been chosen to shock.

"Giving me one last chance to back out? Jim, it's ok; I'm committed." He squeezed Jim's hand, and then let his own hand reach around to Jim's thigh, sliding up and down the corded muscle. "And don't go thinking of me sacrificially throwing myself on the pyre for you, ok? I, um--"

Jim finally looked at him again, and covered the hand on his thigh with his own hand. "Yes?"

"Well, it's not like I never thought about it, ok? Sure, I wouldn't have, I mean, I never would--"

Jim stopped him in the best way; with his lips. "I know," he said after. "Me too."

The rest of the drive home was quiet, but not uncomfortably so.