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Note: This is a set of four stories I wrote back in my sophomore year of college, and they suck. But in the spirit of archaeology, I figure I may as well inflict them on you. You have been warned. By reading these stories you hereby forgo all right to mock me for them, including the embarrassing warnings at the top.

Starfleet Discipline (4,374 words)
Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Picard/Nechayev (m/f). ST:TNG alternate universe story vaguely influenced by Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series. Yes, there's BDSM, including one scene guaranteed to make you wince.

Mira-Q-Lous (2,316 words)
Rating: PG-13. Pairing: Picard/Q (sort of). A very silly parody. I am still fond of the turnip in this one.

Unmasked(9,823 words)
Rating: NC-17. Pairings: Troi/Worf, Troi/Data, Picard/Crusher (sort of), Picard/Data. Despite the previous list, no, this isn't a parody or an orgy story. It's a revision of the events of the episode Masks. Probably the best story of the lot.

Physical Contact(5,607 words)
Rating: NC-17. Pairing: Picard/Crusher. Beverly tries to get back at Picard and things get out of hand.