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Written for the Kink Bingo challenge!
locks/chains fucking machines roleplay/au (authority figures) plushies/furries ageplay
painplay (other) bondage (other) voyeurism sensory deprivation bondage (wrist restraints)
pegging/strap-ons worship roleplay/au (prostitution) electricity
leather/latex/rubber washing/cleaning each other tattoos/tattooing whipping/flogging object penetration (unusual objects)
gunplay virginity/celibacy crossdressing (underwear/lingerie) double penetration (one hole) foot fetish

(stretching a point just a little bit to count this for the washing prompt, because, um, this is SO a kink bingo story. :> Also, for the aianonlovefest #5)

Happy Ending

by astolat

Adam staggered in and dumped his bags in the entryway, kicked the door shut behind him, and went straight for the bedroom in a drunken weave of six layers of jetlag and an airplane margarita, scattering things behind him as he went. The leather jacket, the leopard-print boots on the stairs, a jangle of necklaces, the skintight jeans, and his rings and his cellphone landed on the bedside table as he fell into his pillows.

He woke up five hours later with his brain saying morning and the sky dark outside, his neck crackling like bubblewrap when he lifted it to see that the phone said 8:30PM in too-bright letters, above three calendar reminder windows stacked on top of each other, with fourteen text messages and two voicemails.

He trashed them all, and in three desperate phone calls he had an instant emergency appointment with Dell, god among masseurs according to Lane, who also promised him that yes, it was okay if he didn't make it to the magazine party tonight, and yes, he could skip that breakfast tomorrow.

"You are my best friend in the entire world," Adam said pitifully, and after he hung up, he turned off the phone. He liked having a game plan, he liked the strategy and the control, fitting together the building blocks of this career, but right this minute it felt more like a greyhound race, some sparkly rabbit out in front he was never going to catch but could die trying for.

Dell showed up at the door not fifteen minutes later, tall and slim with beautiful, beautiful hands: long, strong fingers and nails trimmed back short and polished smooth, workman's veins popping along his gorgeous arms and a quick, shy smile. "I thought she might be joking," he said, just a hint of Georgia drawl in there, and Adam reminded himself to send Lane a bucket of flowers, seriously.

He put down his duffle bag, and poked Adam's back and shoulders for about thirty seconds before saying, "So, this could be a while," doubtfully.

"Take all the time in the world," Adam said.

Dell stripped him down in the bathroom, put him against the shower wall and scrubbed him down with handfuls of sea-salt, all over, three times, until Adam was a little pink and tender and felt like a steamed dumpling. Then he rubbed Adam down with towels and marched him out to the bed, set him up face down on a neck pillow and really went to work.

Adam didn't even try not to moan and squirm and writhe. Dell finally got a little giggly when Adam started whimpering, and said, "You know, I'm just going to assume those are all good, unless you say otherwise."

Adam said, "Yes, yes, yes, oh my God, yes," and when he tried to butt his right shoulder back into Dell's hands a few minutes later, Dell smacked him on the ass and said, sternly, "You keep out of it, I know what I'm doing here."

"Oaaghh," Adam said, which had been meant to be a protest, but just then Dell's fingers dug into a knot lower on his back that he hadn't even known was there. Oh, fuck it anyway, it felt good to just stop, to stop thinking and put down the reins for a while, and let Dell pound six weeks of knots out of his shoulders, his neck, his back, his thighs.

Dell turned him over after about an hour and worked on him from the front, not bothering with a towel by then, or watching out where his hands went. He was breathing a little quicker. Adam had absolutely no objections; he let his hips rise when they wanted to, and his cock was full and hard against his stomach, and he felt so good.

He squirmed even more enthusiastically against the bed when Dell turned him over again for another round on his back, and when Dell said softly, "I'm done," and then stroked his warm, oil-slick hands all the way up to Adam's shoulders and down again to rest low on his hips, asking a question, Adam sighed and spread his thighs a little, answering.

Dell slid his hands back up Adam's thighs, slow, and onto his ass—still cautious, then more sure when Adam made an approving note. His hands were so strong, kneading Adam's ass, and Dell bent down to breathe over his hole, cool and hot in contrast.

"Oh, fuck," Adam groaned, and spread his legs more as Dell pushed his thumbs slowly inside to open him up, easy with all the oil, and licked in alongside them, the tip of his tongue flicking, dropping kisses and bites on Adam's ass.

"Just keep on like that, just relax," Dell said, low and soft, and kissed the back of Adam's shoulder, sliding his hands away. He pulled a sheet over to cover Adam up, and Adam kept his eyes closed and just lay there breathing while Dell switched the CD player to a new soundtrack, the plain sound of the ocean, waves crashing one after another.

He heard Dell taking off his clothes, vials clinking softly, and then Dell lifted the sheet off again and climbed onto the bed. Adam let himself stay dead weight, let Dell move his legs wherever he wanted, hands running in long strokes along his spine and kneading into his shoulders some more, coming back down. Dell straddled him, cock sliding easily along Adam's ass, back and forth, already hard and full, smooth skin slick with oil, and Dell was pouring more down on him, sweet sandalwood smell in thin hot lines back and forth over his own dick and into Adam's crack, letting it drip down over the curve of Adam's ass, over his hole, trickling over his balls.

He spread Adam's ass again, rubbing it into him with strokes of his cock, thick head smearing the oil everywhere. Adam breathed in time with the strokes, with the waves crashing, Dell's hands working up and down his back while Dell's cock rode his ass, and he shivered happily when he heard the condom packet rip.

Dell was beautifully thick, fat cockhead pushing its way in while Adam sighed and opened for it under Dell's fingers rubbing the small of his back, reaching back to squeeze Adam's thighs, keep him relaxed and loose and easy. Dell rocked into him with regular strokes, the rhythm going deep, and Adam worked with him, came to meet him and slid away again. When Dell picked up the pace, Adam went with it, let Dell pull his hips up off the bed, braced himself on hands and knees for the hard slap of Dell's cock going into him and the bed creaking under their weight.

"I'm thinking we'll bring you off now," Dell murmured softly, in Adam's ear, and Adam hummed his absolute approval of that plan. He sat all the way up and slid down into Dell's lap, filled up to the hilt, and Dell reached around to wrap both hands around Adam's cock and milk him, steady and purposeful, hot slick grip so perfect and Adam was coming, head arching back over Dell's shoulder as he came in wet spurts in Dell's fingers, gasping.

"Oh," Adam said blissfully, "oh, God," and it was wonderful to have Dell carefully ease him back down onto his stomach.

When Adam was flat again, Dell rubbed his thumbs gently around Adam's stretched hole and eased himself out still hard, beautiful sore ache left behind. Adam pillowed his head on his arms, eyes drifting shut, floaty and far-away, his cock nestled soft and sensitive in the crook of his hip against the cotton of the sheet, his whole body pliant. Dell uncapped something, and his fingers were on Adam's hole again, cool and soothing on the stretched skin, rubbing it into him, a tingle of aloe to make him shiver.

Then Dell was drizzling oil over him again, in wide sweeps across Adam's lower back and his ass all the way down to his thighs. He rubbed it in with big circular strokes that narrowed slowly down until he was back at Adam's hole, guiding the oil into him, fingers so slick and dripping that they just went right in, thumb sweeping up to catch the runoff, press it back into him. Adam groaned and rocked involuntary against the mattress while Dell slid two fingers in deep, all the way, stroking him from the inside while his thumb rubbed against the thin soft skin behind Adam's balls.

Dell kept doing it, over and over, sliding out, dripping in more oil, pushing back in, taking a break to rub Adam's back and his thighs, low murmur reminding him to relax, relax. The ocean kept coming in steady waves, and Dell was pushing three fingers into him, fucking him shallowly with each wave crash.

It was almost too much, but Adam was so far gone he couldn't move. His body felt rapturously heavy, like that moment just before falling asleep, and all he could do was lie there for it, little gasps breaking out of him while Dell worked on him from inside. Dell slid his fingers out and pressed both thumbs in together instead, thick and muscled, rubbing in circles, pressing outwards.

"How are you feeling?" Dell said, gently, just like he had before he'd worked Adam's neck into happy jellied softness.

Adam managed some kind of moan, not a protest. Dell slid his thumbs out. There was a snap of a glove, and then Dell was pressing four vinyl-smooth fingers into him, held tight together and dripping oil, and—and the tip of his thumb tucked against them sliding in after, and—more pressure, more burn and—fingers shifting, adjusting carefully, a drizzle of warm oil there, and, and it was, and Adam was gasping, struggling a little—

"Easy, easy," Dell said, rubbing the small of Adam's back with his free hand, holding still. Adam breathed out long and deep, yielding, while Dell turned his hand just a little back and forth, pressing the broad base of his knuckles steadily in. "Getting there, just a little more."

Adam couldn't speak. His fingertips were tingling, and he was pinned and helpless and opening. Dell bent down and kissed around his hole, the lightest touches, tonguing the stretched skin just a little while he rocked his hand in so slow, so slow. "There we go," Dell said, and his hand was sliding easier now, still so careful, until Adam felt himself close up again around Dell's wrist.

Dell's hand had curled up into a fist, and he wasn't moving; he was just keeping his hand there, a huge presence deep inside, and he was still licking Adam gently, nuzzling at him. Adam made a small helpless noise, high in his throat. He could feel Dell's knuckles pressing gently inside him, quick short flash-paper bursts of heat going off, white-outs in the back of his skull and oh, like flying, he was rising and falling with the water, he was moving in waves, dizzy and shocked and trembling all over. It hit him hard and all at once, clenching him up tight, tight, tight, and then Dell was uncurling, easing out of him slow, and everything in him unwound like a snarled thread spilling straight.

Dell wiped his whole body down after with cool cloths, easing one underneath to clean Adam's cock and gently wipe down his balls; Adam vaguely realized he'd come again without even getting hard. Dell got a clean sheet under him, and draped another over him, and he kissed the back of Adam's neck and rubbed him down through the sheet, long soothing strokes to bring him down off the high.

"Oh my fucking God," Adam said after a while, devoutly and faint, and Dell laughed softly over him.

"So I'm taking it that was good?" he said, smile in his voice.

"Amazing," Adam said, dreamily.

He turned over when Dell coaxed him. Dell put a pillow under his head and climbed back on the bed and put Adam's legs over his shoulders. His cock slid in ridiculously easily, no resistance at all, and he fucked Adam gently and comfortably, rocking his hips back and forth. Adam didn't try to move with him, didn't do a thing, just lay back drowsy and pliant and took it, the cock riding in and out of him so easily, until Dell sighed and pressed in deep to come shuddering between his legs.

Dell got rid of the condom and eased Adam's legs back down, rubbing his thighs. Adam reached up and tugged until Dell lay down with him, under the sheet, legs tangled up together. Adam slid an arm around Dell's waist to snuggle him in closer, and shoved his head against Dell's shoulder shamelessly, laughing under his breath some more and still buzzing.

Dell slid one hand down Adam's back to his hole and fingered him a little, just running his finger lightly around the edge, pushing the tip barely inside. "Are you sore?"

"Of course I'm fucking sore!" Adam said, and squirmed as Dell slipped his finger in again to feel him up. It made him aware of all the tenderness even more, a sparky little bite of pleasure and pain, and just how wet he still was inside. He bit at Dell's collarbone and his jaw, smooth-shaven, soft. "I think I'm going to need another session to recover."

"It so happens I've got an opening Tuesday," Dell said, and kissed him.

= End =

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