The End of Summer

by the lady of shalott


This story is an alternative version of the first mission of G-Force, set in the BoTP universe. I was originally planning to do one part for each team member, and I still may, but after I finished Jason's part I realized I didn't have anything else burning to get out and other stories that wanted writing (and my time's about to get painfully limited, since the semester starts up again in a week).

It's been a very long time since I've seen BoTP, and I have to confess that the characterizations are mostly drawn from the discussions on the list and other fanfic that I've read, in particular Jane Lebak's brilliant Scavengers series. Which makes me feel like an amazing hypocrite, since I've always cringed in the past when I saw people posting stories in other fandoms and saying "I've only seen 3 episodes of the show, but...!" Anyway, there's my portion of truth-in-advertising, so please consider yourselves warned.

If you like it or hate it or anything-in-between it, please let me know. Criticism and unsolicited betas much appreciated. :-)

Part I

Part II